Agageldi Allanazarow


Agageldi Allanazarow, tanymal türkmen ýazyjysy, şahyr.

A.Allanazarow 1948-nji ýylda Tagtabazar etrabynyñ Marçak obasynda doguldy. Ol şol obadaky orta mekdebiñ 8-nji synpyny gutaryp, Mary şäherindäki 2-nji peduçilişede okuwyny dowam etdirýär. Ony tamamlap, bir ýyl Mary şäherindäki 6-njy orta mekdepde başlangyç synp mugallymy bolup işleýär.
1969-1971-nji ýyllar aralygynda ol Litwada desantçy goşun bölüminde gulluk edýär. Harby gullukdan soñ Moskwantñ A.M.Gorkiý adyndaky edebiýat institutyna okuwa girýär we ony tamamlap, 1976-njy ýylda Aşgabada gelip, "Türkmenistan" neşirýatynda redaktor bolup, işe başlaýar.
1971-1983-nji ýyllar aralygynda Agageldi Allanazarow Türkmenistan Ýazyjylar birleşmesiniñ Çeper edebiýaty ýaýradyjy edarasynyñ başlygy bolup işleýär. Soñra 1988-1992-nji ýyllar aralygynda "Türkmenistan" neşirýatynda baş redaktor bolup işleýär. 1992-nji ýylda ol Türkmenistanyñ Ministrler Kabinetiniñ ýanyndaky neşir işleri boýunça Komitetiñ başlygynyñ orunbasarlygyna bellenilýär. 1995-nji ýyldan 2001-nji ýyla çenli "Türkmenistan" neşirýatynyñ başlygy bolup işleýär. 2001-nji ýylda Türkmen döwlet kitap palatasynyñ başlyklygyna bellenilýär. Häzirki wagtda ol Türkmen döwlet neşirýat gullugynyñ neşir ulgamynda işleýär.
A.Allanazarow döredijilik işini mekdepde okaýan ýyllarynda başlaýar. 1964-nji ýylda onuñ "Ussanyñ jogaby" atly goşgusy we "Lageriñ sährasy" atly hekaýasy "Mydam taýýar" gazetiniñ şol bir sanynda çap edilýär. Maryda okan ýyllary onuñ goşgulary metbugat sahypalarynda ýygy-ýygydan peýda bolup ugraýar. Agageldini Moskwanyñ institutyna getiren hem onuñ şol eser ýazmak arzuwy bolýar.
Institutyñ soñky kursunda okap ýörkä Aşgabatda onuñ "Günüñ öýi", Moskwada "Çal, tüýdügim" atly çagalara niýetlän kitapçalary bir ýylda çap edilýär.
Häzir Agageldi Allanazarow "A" ýazýan", "At gaýraty", "Üç murtlak kapitan", "Ertekiler", "Şadyýan harplyk", "Şol bir gezek uçan it", "Çölüñ deñiz günleri" ýaly çagalara niýetlenip döredilen, şeýle hem "Ýedi däne", "Iner ýüki", "Çat açan menzil", "Söýgi pursatlary", "Ýoldan gelen hat", "Gyratyñ howalasy", "Kalvyma we alysa syýahat", "Ojak" ýaly türkmen dilinde neşir edilen 50-ä golaý kyssadyr goşgular kitaplarynyñ awtory. Onuñ eserleri dünýä halklarynyñ hem ençemesiniñ dilinde neşir edildi.
A.Allanazarowyñ "Ýedi däne", "Çat açan menzil" powestleriniñ esasynda iki sany çeper film döredildi. Onuñ "Tilkiniñ doglan güni" pýesasy teatrlaryñ ençemesinde goýuldy.

■ A.Allanazarowyñ türkmen dilinde neşir edilen kitaplaryndan:

1). "Günüñ öýi" (goşgular we poema), 1976;
2). "At gaýraty" (goşgular we poema), 1977;
3). "Ýedi däne" (powest we hekaýalar), 1979;
4). "Pilotkaly gyz" (goşgular we poemalar), 1980;
5). "Iner ýüki" (powest we hekaýalar), 1980;
6). "A" ýazýan" (goşgular we ertekiler), 1982;
7). "Çat açan menzil" (powestler), 1983;
8). "Şol bir gezek uçan it" (erteki-powest), 1985;
9). "Üç murtlak kapitan" (goşgular we ertekiler), 1986;
10). "Ýoldan gelen hat" (goşgular we poemalar), 1986;
11). "Ertekiler" (ertekiler), 1993;
12). "Kalbyma we alysa syýahat" (powestler we hekaýalar), 1994;
13). "Çölüñ deñiz günleri (powestler we hekaýalar), 1985;
14). "Bir bar eken" (goşgular, ertekiler, poemalar), 1991;
15). "Şadyýan harplyk" (ertekiler, hekaýalar, goşgular), 1992;
16). "Söýgi pursatlary" (goşgular), 1992;
17). "Şadyýan harplyk" (türkmen milli elipbiýinde), 1995;
18). "Gyr atyñ howalasy" (saýlanan eserler, powestler, hekaýalar), 1998;
19). "Ojak" (romanlar toplumy: "Sürgünler", "Düwlen"), 2006;
20). "Ak ýelken" (powestler; nowellalar), 2008.

■ A.Allanazarowyñ daşary ýurt dillerine geçirilen eserlerinden käbirleri:

1). "Çal tüýdügim". Goşgular, poema (rusça), Moskwa-1977;
2). "Dagdanam beýik". Goşgular (rusça), Moskwa-1979;
3). "Çal tüýdügim". Goşgular, poema (serb-horwat dillerinde), Çernogoriýa-1979;
4). "Sähra ugradym". Goşgular (ukrainçe), Kiýew-1978;
5). "Mähriban at". Goşgular (özbekçe), Daşkent-1991;
6). "Enemiñ äýnegi". Goşgular, erteki (parsça), Tähran-1993;
7). "Çogly Gün". Goşgular (rusça), Moskwa-1993;
8). "Men ussatlar arasynda". Goşgular (rusça), Moskwa-1985;
9). "Iner ýüki". Powest (bolgarça), Sofiýa-1982;
10). "Mähriban at". Goşgular (litowça), Wilna-1986;
11). "Şol bir gezek uçan it". Erteki-powest (ýaponça), Tokio-1990;
12). "Ýagşy söz". Goşgular, ertekiler (belorusça), Minsk-1994;
13). "Gezelenje gelen Aý". Goşgular (gyrgyzça), Bişkek-1979;
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15). "Şol bir gezek uçan it". Erteki-powest (rusça), Moskwa-1995;
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20). "Iner ýüki". Powestler, hekaýalar (rusça), Moskwa-1988 (Rus we häzirki sowet klassyklarynyñ eserlerinde zähmetiñ waspy, 3 tomluk);
21). "Şadyýan harplyk" (iñlisçe), London-2010;
22). "Güneşli gämi". I tom. Goşgular, ertekiler; powest-erteki, hekaýalar, messa (rusça), Aşgabat-2006;
"Iner ýüki". Powestler, hekaýalar (rusça), Aşgabat-2006.

* * *


Agageldy Allanazarov was born in 1948 in the village Marchak of Taghtabazar district of Mary region. After finishing 8 classes he entered to the Mary pedagogical school.
He worked as a teacher at scholl N"6 in Mary for a year. From 1969 to 1971 he served in airborne forces. After the military service, in 1971 he entered to the Moscow Literature Institute named after A.M.Gorkiý and graduated it in 1976.
In the same year he began to work in a publishing house "Türkmenistan" as senior editor.
In 1992 he was appointed vice-chairman of Printing Committee at the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. From 1995-2001 he worked as director of the publishing house "Türkmenistan".
From 2001 he was appointed direktor of the State Book Chamber of Turkmenistan. Nowadays he works in the system of Turkmen state publishing service.
Agageldy Allanazarov took a great interest with literature beginning in scholl years. His first publication was the book for children rhymes (poems) and narrations, that were printed on that time. He came to the literature as a poet.
His peculiar rhymes of 80th years drew great attention writers and large audience of readres. In different years they were published several books in Turkmen and Russian as in Ashgabad, also in Moscow, such as: "Home of the Sun", "Three happy captains", "I am writing "A", "A dog that flew one day", "Fairy-tails", "Happy ABC", "Play, my fife", "Higher than a mountain", "I an running down the wind", "Even you didn't dream about that" and etc.
His story "Seven grains" about air-borne forces was warmly met by readers and was worthy of high appreciation of famous writers. Then, in different period they were printed prosaic fictions such as: "Burden for iner", "The broken fortune", "Travel to my soul and distance", "A letter from the way", "Twinkling of love" and etc.
On the stories Agageldy Allanazarov they were created two full-length cinema films: on the story "Seven grains" the movie "Farewell, my parthian", on the story "The broken fortune" - the movie "Destan".
His play "Birthday of fox", writen for children was presented (produced) by Dashoguz, Mary velayat's theatres and abroad - in Israel and Ukraine.
Agageldy Allanazarov os the member of Writer's Union and the Youth Prize laureate of Turkmenistan (1983). His fictions were translated to many of the world.

■ About the fictions of Agageldy Allanazarov

"Luggage of Iner" is one the most brilliant of Agageldy Allanazarov's stories. It is an adolescent, the darling of his family and, of course, pampered and carefree. But his world turns around when war breaks out. He would never see the frontline of the trenches. He remains at home, deep in the hinterland. But here, too, people feel the heavy hand of the war. His father and three elder brothers have called up, and all concerns about theirs home suddenly descend on his youthful, fragile shoulders.
Much has been written in Turkmenia about the privations people had to go through during the war years, and about their exhausting work to help countrymen fighting at the front. "Luggage for Iner", however, holds a special place. It stands out for its insight into an adolescent's mentality, fine lyricism, and the author's gift to draw his hero's personality with sparing strokes.
Says Poet Vladimit Orlov: "Even those who have never been to Turkmenia or seen its rigorous and proud beatry, will be imbued with deep respect and sincere love for his land, its hardworking and brave people just by reading Allanazarov's story".
"Destan About My Youth" should be placed among adventure stories. Here, too, the writer remains true to himself, to his thoughtful psychological approach to his characters.
"The White Steed", a story set in our time and about a teenager in love with his native land. The boy dreams of a light-footed horse as swift as wind and as a gazelle.
What Turkmenian boy does not dream about this, ir who does not want to be as strong and indomitable as the legendary hero Gorogly. And Gorogly and his horse Gyrat are the impossible without each. The story has an entertaining plot and is styled in touching lyricism.
The book also includes the short story "The Old Man", which made headlines in Turkmenian literature a few years ago.
The novel "Hearth" - on historical information it tells about terrible misfortune of destroyed families by cruel, rough policy during the establishment of collective farms and the acception of new authority the Soviet Power by peasant families of southerm districts of Turkmenistan early in the 20th century.
The novel "Seal" is one of the last created fictions, which tells about unexpected fate of the Turkmen guy Balkan and German girl Berta.
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